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Ceiling Concealed Cooling Solutions

Instead of traditional refrigrant Chilled water system are designed to use chilled water as coolent medium to exchange heat between the indoor
fan coil units and outdoor chillers. This reduces the large amount refrigrent flowing through the piping system like in VRV or Direct Expansion systems.

The advantage of a chilled water system is that the indoor unit is free of refrigerant management. Since the refrigeration equipment installed in a central location
this minimizes the chance for refrigerant leaks, simplifies refrigerant handling overhead, and also makes it easier to contain a leak if one
does occur. Another advantage of a chilled water system is that in a building like a hotel, hundreds of rooms can be cooled individually, with each room
having its own chilled water indoor unit, all supplied by one chilled water system. It’s the best HVAC solution for large buildings, hotels and commercial spaces.

Chilled Water FCU's are avilable in various tonnages(1 ton ~ 4 ton).
Air Cooled Mini Chiller


  • Fabricated with rigid, Single skin galvanized steel casing.
  • The Centrifugal fans have balanced, galvanized steel, and forward curved blades.
  • A High Staic version is alo avilable.(48,000 Btu/h only).


  • 15Pa ESp, meeting installation and daily air supply requierment
  • Ultra thin design, height of unit is only 238mm
  • Low noise, quiet operation
  • Air-return box and thermostat included.
  • Remote contollers & Flow Control Valves(3-Way) also avilable.

    Installation Diagram


    Specification :

    Parameter Unit TKA-400 TKA-600 TKA-800 TKA-1200
    Power Supply V/Hz/Ph 220-240/50/1 220-240/50/1 220-240/50/1 220-240/50/1
    Capacity Btu/h 15000 18000 30000 42000
    Airflow CFM L/M/H 350/400/460 480/540/600 730/800/940 1070/1200/1360
    Power Consumption Fan Motor
    20 40 20w x 2 55w x 2
    Start - up
    A 0.28 0.35 0.61 0.86
    Pipe size Inlet inch 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
      Outlet inch 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
    Static Pressure
    Standard 15Pa, Max 30Pa
    Coil Rows 3 3 3 3
      FPI 14 14 14 14
    Water Flow Lph 900 1100 1800 2100
    Water Resistance Pressure kPa 22 24 34 39
    Air Supply
    Fan Blower
    Centrifugal Centrifugal Centrifugal Centrifugal
    Noise Level db(A) 41 43 46 50
    Net Dimension {WxHxD} mm 910x240x500 1150x240x500 1610x240x500 1610x240x500
    Net Weight Kg 20 22 31 38

    Note :

    All Specifications are subjected to change by the manufacturer without prior notice
    Cooling capacity are based on the below conditions :
  • Entering air temp 27 deg C (80.6 deg F) DB and 19 deg C (66.2 deg F) WB.
  • Entering water temperature 7 deg C (44.6 deg F)
  • Leaving water temperature 12 deg C (53.6 deg F)
  • 3.
    Sound Pressure Level is tested at 1.4m below the unit





    AHU 5TR