Air-Handling Unit

Air Cooled Mini Chiller  

Overview :

  • Fabricated with a rigid galvanized steel casing
  • The DIDW centrifugal fans have balanced, galvanized steel, and forward curved blades
  • Double skin with 30mm, 25 kg/m3 high-density non-flammable PE insulation. 60mm also Available
  • High Delta T - External static preassure is 300Pa.
  • Optional controller is available



    Fan Motor Assembly

  • Standard galvanized steel fan wheel.
  • The motor is consisted with hermetic aluminum alloy casing and permanently lubricated ball bearing.
  • The motor has grade F class insulation; with built-in thermal cutout.
  • The motor lead-out wires are with sleeve, providing protection against damage.


  • The coil can have 3 or 4 rows, with copper tubes mechanically bonded into corrugated aluminum fin collars.
    Copper fin or blue fin is also available
  • Water inlet / outlet connections are from 1-inch to 1 1/2-inch male pipe thread (BSTP).
  • Header assembly is a one-piece casting, which enables to connect steel pipe directly.
  • Coil assembly is tested over 24.6 kg/cm2(350psig).
  • A water drain is located at the bottom of the coil header.

    Drain Pan

  • The drain pan is 45~50mm depth with 1.0mm thickness galvanized steel c/w internal epoxy polyester resin coating.
  • The drain pan is sloped towards the drain pipe with a 2 deg. gradient.
  • The drain pan has one 3/4-inch, 1-inch and 1-1/2-inch male pipe thread (BT) connection.
  • The standard insulation material is 10mm thickness, 25kg/m3 density PE foam.

    Series :

    Air Cooled Mini Chiller

    Note :

    All Specifications are subjected to change by the manufacturer without prior notice
    Cooling capacity are based on the below conditions :
  • Entering air temp 27 deg C (80.6 deg F) DB and 19 deg C (66.2 deg F) WB.
  • Entering water temperature 7 deg C (44.6 deg F)
  • Leaving water temperature 12 deg C (53.6 deg F)
  • 3.
    Sound Pressure Level is tested at 1.4m below the unit (free return and discharge air was ducted to adjacent room )



    High Static Duct


    Floor Standing